Tasting is believing!

About Us

WylieCakes are perfect for any occasion; gatherings, gift-giving, or a special treat just for you (it’s ok, we won’t tell).  Every item on our menu begins with fresh, quality ingredients like choice pecan halves from our native Louisiana, sweet cream and butter, homemade toppings like rich sticky caramel, and smooth dark chocolate.

So dig in!  Tasting is Believing, each and every time.  

Born from years of encouragement from friends and relatives, WylieCakes started making its signature desserts available to  everyone in 2007.   Available locally in the Indian River - Vero Beach area, we have chosen to remain small to ensure quality and  outstanding  service to all of our loyal customers.   Our philosophy is that if you are going to indulge, don't settle  for mediocrity. Choose the best - we are here for you!   

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Cindi Green

Cake Coordinator





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